If you’re anxious about dental visits, Bridgeport Weber Dental Clinic has the solution. For many patients, a visit to the dentist is a nerve-wracking experience. Often, anxiety stems from a distant childhood memory. Sometimes it is simply “fear of the unknown”. For those patients who need a little help to calm the nerves before or during an appointment, our practice offers conscious sedation using either nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) or oral sedative pre-medication.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and administered to the patient via a nasal mask. Patients breathe in and out normally as the concentration of nitrous oxide gas in the mixture is adjusted to a comfortable level. The patient will remain awake and responsive, but anxiety levels will typically diminish. Patients often become euphoric and carefree, and feel much less inhibited about receiving treatment.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

For patients requiring a slightly greater level of sedation, our practiceoffers pre-medication with oral sedatives. Typically, an appropriate dose of a medication called triazolam is given in-office about an hour prior to the appointment. This medication is similar to a sleeping pill in that it produces a state of drowsiness along with a reduction in anxiety. Some patients will doze off during treatment, although it is important to note that consciousness is maintained, allowing the patient to remain responsive. Another benefit of oral sedation is that it tends to produce an effect called amnesia, whereby patients often have difficulty recalling details of the treatment - many cannot remember a thing! Breathing and heart rate are monitored throughout with a device called a pulse oximeter. Following the appointment, a responsible adult must accompany the patient safely home, and the patient must not drive or work until the following day. Contact Bridgeport Weber Dental Centre in Waterloo to learn more about sedation dentistry, and how it could make your visits more comfortable.

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